Welcome to the Glasgow Local Food Network!

Glasgow Local Food Network is an informal network of community organisations and individuals from across Glasgow area that are passionate about local food and striving to produce more of what we eat and eat more of what we produce.

Enjoy reading the blogs - feel free to leave some comments and feedback! If you want to get more involved then you can find organisations near you on our map. Alternatively you can contact us by email or like our Facebook group - Glasgow Local Food Network group.


Glasgow Local Food Network aims to support and promote the growth of a fair, sustainable and resilient regional food system linking production, distribution and consumption to benefit our communities and economy. It will achieve this by:
  • Growing connections networks between food organisations, businesses and local government as well as individuals, families and volunteers
  • Raising the profile of local food projects in Glasgow and their associated issues
  • Influencing food policy and strategy for Glasgow through Local and National Government




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