Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill - Information and discussion event

The Scottish Government have launched the consultation for the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill. This is the last chance for you to influence government policy in areas including:
  1. A right for communities to take over underused public sector land and assets.
  2. A Community right to buy in urban areas.
  3. Changes to allotment law.
If we act together as a network we have more chance of influencing policy.

The consultation document is 75 pages long and has 71 questions – however, FCFCG have produced a 3 page briefing highlighting the 23 questions that they think are most relevant to community gardens.  Please click here to download this briefing.  The consultation is open until January 24th - given that this covers the Christmas period,  time to respond is limited.    

FCFCG are hosting a further explanation and discussion of how this affects projects on December 13th in Glasgow, in association with the Glasgow Local Food Network.  An MSP will be attending this event to give advice on how to influence politicians, both at a policy level and by organising a visit to your project. If you would like to attend the (free) event, please go to the registration page.

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