Friday, 21 February 2014

Next GLFN meeting

Next meeting:
6.00 – 7.45
Tuesday 4th March
The Boilerhouse, Hidden Gardens, Albert Drive
All welcome! Come along for a quick pancake from 5.30 – 6, before the main meeting starts.  Bring a filling.

Agenda includes:
Glasgow Sustainable Food City update
- Planning for Empire Cafe event in July
- Planning for FEVA event in May
GLFN film update
- Feedback from GLFN structure survey

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  1. Hi All!
    I am an architecture student from Switzerland.
    Recently I've done a research on Community Gardens in Glasgow and now I'v gotten to the stage where I should develop a theoretical project/proposal in Glasgow.
    Since I was really fascinated by the whole Community Garden Movement I would love to keep on working within this theme, which seems to be somewhat difficult, since what makes its character so specific, is that it is a "bottom-up"-movement, where local people build and organize their own needs.
    It seems wrong to just propose something which I (as an outstander) find right, that's why I wanted to ask you if there is anything within one specific garden that you know, or concerning the whole Local Food Network Glasgow that is missing or that you guys as users would like to have (for example a meeting platform, as a space where all the different gardeners could find together, a market place, a garden shed, or improvement of the grounds so you don't have to grow in boxes..)
    Thanks for any kind of reply, I would really appreciate it!
    Best regards,
    Carla Häni