Saturday, 10 May 2014

Food growing: a tool to engage your community!

FEVA Forum Exchanges - Food growing: a tool to engage your community 

Free event, lunch provided

May FEVA Forum Exchange will be held in Glasgow on Wednesday, 21 May 2014. The event will be co-hosted by Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens and the Glasgow Local Food Network and will be held at the Concrete Garden. This event aims to bring together people who would like to use food as a tool to bring people together and engage communities. The Forum will highlight a range of different ways this can be done by showcasing and sharing the stories of particular examples of good practice.

The programme will include the following themes which demonstrate how food can be used creatively to achieve a different aim or outcome:
• Foolproof food! How to grow food that works! ie the really easy stuff.
• Food as sustenance - eating what you cook on outdoor projects – experimenting and making food fun
• Food for celebration - learning about mixed communities and how you can organise events using food as focus
• Food as an educational resource – learning about new fruit and veg and how to grow them
• Food as skills share – building literacy and numeracy skills around food growing
• Growing food in small places - sprouting, windowbox food and herb growing

To book the May Forum Exchange please contact Tricia Burden on 01786 476170 or Places are filling up so book your place now by clicking here

Feva Forum Exchanges are free half day events facilitated by TCV Scotland for people working and volunteering in environmental and related sectors. Funded by SNH, each themed event provide opportunities for participants (30-40) to learn from each other, share experiences, network and overcome barriers to developing new areas of work. Feva Forums are free and lunch is provided.

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